Activities in Kalajoki

– something different to do for every day

On land or at sea, indoors or outdoors, be it summer or winter, a successful holiday is always a combination of activities and idleness. Spectacular dunes and marine nature can be found virtually at the doorsteps of the Spa Hotel Sani.

At the Kalajoki Resort you can do a number of different things within one day: first relax on the sunny beach, then go golfing, bowling or to the water park. In winter you can explore the dunes on  by snowshoeing or try Snow Yoga.

Kalajoki offers challenges for seasoned experts and help for beginners. The only thing you need is a sense of adventure!

For more information, please contact: or +358 8 4692 500.

Snow & Sand Yoga

Experience the soft touch of nature or the coldembracing extreme experience. Sand, snow and ice have dominated the local surroundings for centuries. Local lifestyle and livelihood have based on these elements, and at the hard times people have sought strength and peace from nature. This product combines easy yoga movements, winter and outdoors. When there’s no snow, the product changes into Sand Yoga that is based on on same elements of tranquility, space and pure sea air. In front of the silence and infinity of the sea, you’ll become one with the nature.

Departures: every Friday at 1 p.m. from the hotel’s reception
Theme: Tranquility & Outdoors
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 165 €
Availability: Snow: 1.1-31.3, Sand: Summer
Clothing: according to the weather
Available: 1-9 persons
Operator: Hoitopalvelu Balanssi and Kalajoki Resort & Spa
Reservations: or +358 (0)8 4692500

Finnish Sauna evening

Experience Finnish sauna evening in your own privacy! Sauna, vihta, green healthy smoothie and sauna tapas will be ready for you. You will be guided for using sauna and vihta. After the guiding session you can enjoy private sauna facilities and free access to the Spa.
Departures: every day during Spa’s opening hours
Duration: 2 hours
Clothing: swimsuit needed
Available: for 1 – 9 persons
Price: 69€/person
Operator: Kalajoki Resort & Spa
Reservations: or +358 (0)8 4692500

Finnish forest experience with ponies and berries

This guided tour will take you in to the forest. During this guided tour you will meet the local horse stable owner and get familiar with stable’s animals (dogs, horses, cats). There is a possibility for horseback riding. Depending on the season you will find blueberries and lingonberries next to the stable. You will experience the Finnish forest, pure nature and refreshing sea winds. For extra fee: Horseback riding trip along the seashore!
Departures: every Tuesday at 5 p.m. July – October. Trip’s starting point: Horse Stable
Duration: 1-3 hours depending on group sizes
Clothing: according to the weather
Available: for 1 – 9 persons
Price: 75€/person
Operator: Merenrannan Ratsut Stable and Kalajoki Resort & Spa
Reservations: or +358 (0)8 4692500

Marine Nature Centre

Spot the Ant lion and other sand creatures! Kalajoki Marine Nature Centre provides information on the nature of Northern Gulf of Bothnia, sand dune habitats and the ways of the ancient local fishing culture. Exhibitions have free entry!

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